Man posing nude for art class

man sitting with marbles on his lap….very funny

  1. phearcanadians says:

    pause @ 1:06

  2. Ebuverthebicepcurler says:

    He should have turned the vase upside down.

  3. AdvancedGentleman says:

    @Paulwhoisvegan No, I do not look like that guy lol.

  4. Paulwhoisvegan says:

    @AdvancedGentleman Do you look like that guy?

  5. lastavius says:

    too damn funny. This is the one reason I would not do naked male modeling….because I know that under the right (maybe wrong) circumstanes that I’d give the “ol salute”. How embarassing would that be knowing that everybody around can tell what makes your nature rise

  6. reddas1986 says:


  7. Akiko9Haikyo says:


  8. domnsync says:

    is this from a movie or any other video? Could you give us the details .. :D

  9. domnsync says:

    is this from a film or any other movie .. could you give us the details .. :D

  10. domnsync says:

    OMG! it summarizes the men’ s nature :D

  11. alexkfan says:

    ya i agree with the word you just made up :)

  12. justjess3434 says:

    why would you wear an outfit like that to art class anyway??

  13. ckyguy1 says:

    i modeled for a life drawing class once and accidentally popped a woody but was able to adjust my legs and tuck it under. haha. ii hope no one noticed

  14. jabadam2002 says:

    Out of marbles

  15. Senni89 says:


  16. AdvancedGentleman says:

    I actually model for an art class and can kind of relate to this. It is actually nearly impossible (unless under these circumstances) to pop a woody because
    1. The teachers keep the room very cool
    2. Your muscles get extremely sore from holding a position and that is all you can think about
    3. There are usually only 1 or 2 hot chicks and you always pose looking away from them.
    Hope this advice helps some fellow nude models.

  17. psycotikbastard says:

    yeah it’s hale and pace

  18. dTlolTb says:


  19. Cyberbob1987 says:

    omg poor guy lol

  20. DragonessLife says:

    Funny! great video

  21. 10pinbowling says:

    The show i think was called…
    Hale & Pace

  22. SCOTTGALE316 says:

    What is the naqme of this show?